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Latin American Pamphlet Digital Collection

Cover image from pamphlet. Anderson, T.J., Forty hours on southern seas to the beautiful land of winter rest. [Houston?]: Southern Pacific Steamship Lines, [1905]. Widener Library.


Harvard's collections of more than 5,000 scarce and unique 19th century Latin American pamphlets contain political and social commentary.   Addressed to fellow citizens, pamphlets document the emergence of the Latin American colonies as independent states and illuminate aspects of their populations' social and cultural life. For many, however, the challenges of the format – pamphlets are usually less than 100 pages long, frequently bound together, and rarely catalogued individually – represented obstacles for access and discovery. The digitization of the pamphlets and the creation of supporting catalog records make these materials easily accessible for the first time. Historians of Latin America across the world have used these materials and requested the use of images from them since their digitization began.

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